Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Updated blog

Since I started this blog in the middle of November... and I wrote in my other one since last July, I decided to combine them together. So, I transferred all of my posts on the other blog into this one. It was so much fun going through them and seeing how excited we were for the arrival of Audrey!

So now, you can skim back through to see the last half of my pregnancy :)

Only 46 more to go...

I'm beginning to realize the little "book deal" I made with myself is almost never going to happen. Grad school has completely overwhelmed me and Audrey is a growing girl (and I hate to miss a minute with her). However, I was able to read 2 books during school with my class. Hey, never said those wouldn't count!

I read:

Culpepper's Cannon by Gary Paulsen
Wait Till Helen Comes by Mary Downing Hahn

I'll have to check my lesson plans at school for the dates we completed them!

So, only 46 more to go.....

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Gotta have Faith!

I wasn't sure if I was going to write about this on here, but the truth is, my life has been impacted immensely by this story... so it only makes sense to tell about it.

I followed the blog: when they found out their 10 month old daughter had cancer. Little Cora fought bravely for 3 weeks and sadly passed away earlier this month. She was only 11 months old with a whole life ahead of her to live. A bunch of ladies from the "blog world" have decided to make stuff to sell on in honor of baby Cora. All proceeds will benefit the playground they are building in memory of her. Here is the Etsy link:

So, this brings me to my point. I have never, for one day, taken my baby for granted. When I was 16.5 weeks pregnant, I got a devastating call from the Dr. saying the baby had a 1 in 10 chance of having Trisomy 18. Pretty bad odds if you ask me. The research showed Jedd and I that if our baby did infact have this, there was no way he/she would survive. It was the longest night of my life waiting to hear from the Dr. to find out when our emergency ultrasound would be. We were lucky. And we still are lucky. Audrey was born right on time and is 100% healthy.

The night we got those horrible odds thrown at us, I prayed. I prayed long and I prayed hard. I had already felt the baby moving and we had already bonded. I just couldn't imagine letting go. My point is--- I don't pray often. Is that a fault of mine? Maybe. And you won't ever hear me talk about God or my beliefs a lot, I'm just not that type of person. But I do have faith and I do pray long and hard when I feel that I need someone to look over me. I believe that on May 2, 2008-- my prayers were answered by our baby girl being healthy. I also believe that on October 15, 2008 when she entered this world, our prayers were answered again. A beautiful, HEALTHY baby girl.

Now I pray a lot for Jess and Joel McClenahan and the loss they have experienced. Their baby girl reminds me so much of Audrey with her chubby cheeks. I pray that they find comfort in their memories with baby Cora and that they begin to heal.

If you are interested in purchasing anything from the Etsy sale, thank you! Jedd and I definitely are planning on buying some goodies for our baby girl. We are lucky and we are blessed. And we are THANKFUL.

Oh, those baby blues...

I am just obsessed with Audrey's baby blue eyes! I really thought by now they would have changed colors (we were definitely all betting on green or hazel). She's just so beautiful!!!!

Audrey loves hanging out by mommy when mommy is on the computer! She's been sitting here the entire time chatting my ear off! Oh, that leads me to another funny story... I was awoken this morning around 5am by Audrey talking non-stop in her crib. She eventually talked herself back to sleep, but it was hilarious!

I snapped some quick shots of her today (she kept getting really excited and making big eyes when she saw the camera):

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Weekend Recap

It's hard to believe another weekend is gone!

Jedd and I had a really fun time together yesterday. We had a date night out! With a few people from work, we went to see a Hershey Bears hockey game! It was an awesome game-- we even saw a fight--- and the Bears ended up winning with 1 second left in OT. We then stopped by Aroogas for a few drinks.

Of course, we missed peanut the entire time--- but she was having a good ole time with Grandma Gardner!

Today we're being lazy and tonight we're heading over to my parents for a nice dinner.
Audrey tried out her Baby Einstein collection this morning. At first, she really seemed to like the DVDs!

but, it didn't take her long at all to get worn out....

Back to the grind---er, I mean work--- tomorrow!

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Funny girl!

Who says babies can't learn to imitate people? Since she started smiling, Audrey has loved when you make "farting" noises in her face. Well, on Sunday afternoon Jedd and I sat down to eat lunch and it all began.... Audrey learned how to do it! It's hilarious! She's also very serious about it! She has now officially mastered making the noise all by herself! We are just too proud :)

Audrey after she had "mastered" her noise!

Weekend Recap

Audrey turned 4 months old on Sunday! I can hardly believe it. We've had our baby girl now for 1/3 of a year! On February 12, we also celebrated our anniversary of finding out we were pregnant! Audrey has officially been part of our lives for over a year now! Yay!

Aly and Curt brought baby Bryce over to visit on Sunday too. We got some great pictures of the kiddos together. I think they really liked each other. Bryce gave Audrey a nice punch to the face and Audrey returned the favor by kicking Bryce in the head! Such love! They were even holding hands (and we didn't even pose them that way)! We are so excited to watch our little ones grow together.

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Happy Valentine's Day!

Audrey's 1st Valentine's Day was great!! She slept from 11:00pm to 9:00am! What a champ! We got up and drove over to BJ's to pick up some more formula for her. Then, we had a nice lunch out at Applebee's.

Tomorrow we are having visitors! Aly and Curt and bringing baby Bryce over to play. I just know Audrey is so excited. I can't wait to get new pictures of the kiddos together!

We had a brief photo shoot today of Audrey for V-Day. Of course she'll have another one tomorrow too because tomorrow she is 4 months old! AHHHH! I swear I have no idea where the last 4 months have gone?!

Enjoy the new pictures :)

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Audrey is Giggling!!!

Daddy was trying to show Audrey how to pull herself up so that she will learn to roll over. Audrey thought he was hilarious!!!