Monday, September 29, 2008

I've dropped!

Maybe I did last week and just didn't notice (I forgot to take pictures last week) but when I compared my 35 week belly vs. my 37.5 week belly picture, I couldn't believe the change!!! She's heading down south--- yay!! My 35 week picture is on top, 37.5 week picture on the bottom!

We have our 38 week checkup tomorrow with the horrible midwife AGAIN so I'm sure we won't have ANY valuable news!! UGH! I'll keep everyone posted though. Fingers crossed for an arrival ASAP!

Saturday, September 27, 2008

Over 37 weeks pregnant

Well, still no Audrey....

I haven't updated this in a long time, and I forgot to take a 36 week pregnant picture last week--- oops! Maybe I didn't completely forget...but I'd like to never remember this uncomfortable time! Once I have Audrey I'm sure it won't matter... but for now, I am miserable!

I really hope she decides to come early. I mention to her all the time that it's okay to come now! She's nearly 38 weeks gestation in there, so she'd be fine!!! Hopefully she listens soon! We're all patiently (or as patient as we can be) waiting her arrival!

Audrey (37 weeks fetal development-- which was Tuesday):

  • This week, the average size is about 6.3 pounds now and 19.1 inches length.
  • She is official full term now but can still benefit from extra days in the womb.
  • Your baby continues to practice breathing movements. Isn't it amazing how she can breathe "under water?"
  • Grasp is firm now. It won't be long until you'll feel that strong little fist confidently grasping your finger (or tightly clenching your hair)!
  • A few weeks ago, your baby would move her eyes toward light. Now she turns towards light outside the uterus.
  • " As the uterine wall stretches and thins allowing more light to permeate, she develops definite daily activity cycles. You will want to be sure to establish good patterns yourself at this time, thus encouraging them in your child. Ever heard of a baby getting his days/nights mixed up? Now's the time to try to avoid that!

We also met with our sitter last night and finalized everything with that. Her name is Marisa and she lives right downtown New Bloomfield so it is very convenient. She has two children of her own--- a 3 yr old and a 2 yr old and then she watches another little boy who is 1. Audrey will be her last child to watch and should get plenty of TLC since she's going to be so much younger. Jedd and I are very worried about leaving our baby with someone we barely know-- but no matter who we pick, we would feel that way. I do like that Marisa is so close to my parents if anything would happen. Audrey will have other little kids to interact with which is something we both wanted too--- just not in a daycare setting. I'm sure she'll be fine though, and it's a relief to get that out of the way!

Fingers crossed that next time I post I have my beautiful little girl to post about!!!

Friday, September 19, 2008

Still pregnant

I haven't updated since earlier this week--- but I am officially 36.5 weeks pregnant now! I can't believe it. This week it finally hit me that she can come ANYTIME. I had my 36 week checkup on Tuesday. Baby is measuring perfectly! I also had my 2nd internal--- which I was curious to have since I had progress already at 35 weeks. Well, there is MORE progress!!! I was 70% effaced with a very very soft cervix, 1cm dilated, and Audrey's head was very low. She had no trouble feeling it at all! Now this news has only made me more anxious!

Meanwhile, I am absolutely UNCOMFORTABLE. I have barely complained at all throughout this pregnancy, and now I feel like it's all I do! My back hurts all day, my hips have so much pressure on them, I waddle when I walk, my feet are swollen, and my stomach is uncontrollably itchy! I just want Audrey to be the official full term on Tuesday--- and then I am going to start trying ALL the methods to get her out of there!!!

We did go to the hospital on Thursday night and we pre-registered so that Jedd doesn't need to worry about filling out any paperwork when I'm in labor. We also watched the mandatory SBS video and had the car seat lesson-- so we won' t have to do either of those then either. I have a few more things I need to wash this weekend-- but our hospital bag is packed and ready to go! I also got an email from Target today that our glider has shipped-- which is awesome because it had said backorder until October 14. That is the last major thing we needed for Audrey's nursery! I cannot wait to hold my baby girl in my arms--- but I especially cannot wait for her Daddy to see her and hold her!

Monday, September 15, 2008

Less than a month to go

Well, it's been a week since the hospital visit and little Audrey is still holding on!! I feel so much better though!! As of tomorrow, they say Audrey's 100% ready to go--- lungs developed and all! It feels good to know it can happen at anytime now and we wouldn't need to worry.

I am hoping she holds off for a little longer though. Jedd and I are going tomorrow night to get the remaining items we need from Babies R Us. Then on Thursday, we are going to fill out all of the paperwork for the hospital and we are going to watch the mandatory movies. That way when we have Audrey we don't have to worry about staying extra time to do all that. Not to mention, the paperwork is unreal--- and I don't want Jedd to have to worry about that while I'm in labor.

Yesterday Jedd's mom threw me another baby shower for his side of the family. It was so nice! We definitely got a lot more stuff we needed which was awesome! Everyone has been so overwhelmingly generous and supportive-- we feel so lucky!!

And yesterday was September 14--- meaning only 1 more month to go until her due date!!! It's so hard to believe but I think this past week it really started to sink in to Jedd and I. Next month at this time we could be holding our little girl!!! I am officially under the 30 days to go mark too...YAY!!!

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

35 weeks pregnant

I had a very pleasant surprise waiting for me at work today--- my long term sub started!!! She'll be there to shadow me until I leave on maternity leave. My stress level immediately dropped from 100 to about a 5!

Well today is officially week 35! And I officially have only 35 days left.... I kept thinking about holding Audrey all day today. Don't get me wrong, I am very happy she is still "baking" in there, but I just can't wait to hold her and kiss her!! One week from today I will be begging her to come out!!! People at work seemed to think that being 50% effaced already was pretty good--- but I am not getting my hopes up at all! I've seen girls online who have no progress and the next day have their babies. There's just no telling...

A little about Audrey at 35 weeks fetal development:

  • The average baby weighs almost five and a half pounds now.
  • Most babies born now will survive and without many long-term problems.
  • Fat accumulations plumps up the arms and legs this week. These layers of fat will help her regulate her body temperature. They also provide those cute little dimples on elbows and knees!
  • Her hearing is fully developed, so be sure to talk to your daughter. Do you find yourself speaking in a high-pitched tone? That's okay since some studies show babies respond better to higher pitches.
  • It's getting crowded! Your baby is now taking up most of the uterus and you may even feel like your chest has run out of room! Soon enough though, baby will move down and you'll be able to breathe easily again (just not walk so easily! Ha!).
  • Your baby is 18.2 inches long and weighs 5.3 pounds.

Monday, September 8, 2008

1st Trip to Labor & Delivery

Well, it has been quite the eventful day! Today was our first (and hopefully last until she's ready) visit to L & D. I woke up this morning at 5:30 with severe cramps. I haven't had any cramps since menstrual cycles before Audrey was even conceived. But these were like period cramps times 1,000. I drank a lot of water this morning to try and get them to go away. Around 9:00 I was urged to call my dr. to see what to do. It took FOREVER to hear back. So, I started timing my contractions/braxton hicks. They were anywhere from 10-15 min apart and about 15 - 45 sec. long. This would be considered "untimeable."

Finally, my Dr. called back and said, as soon as your contractions get to be 10-12 min apart call me back. I told her they were already pretty close to that so I was urged to go immediately to the Birthplace. Meanwhile, I never once had a feeling that "this was it." So we went through with my school birthplan, and I was driven to the hospital.

I was hooked up to a bunch of machines to check Audrey's heartrate and my contractions. They were not consistent enough to be in active labor--- thank God!!! Audrey was great though--- she went wild kicking and then got the hiccups for about 10 minutes and they were really loud on her monitors! My urine tests came back and pretty much this is all the result of a severe bladder infection. Not sure when this might have happened, but apparently it can cause all of the above symptoms. I was sooooo relieved to know Audrey wasn't making her entrance today--- we didn't even have hospital bags packed!!! I did have my first internal exam---- OW----- and I am already 50% effaced at 1 day shy of 35 weeks. I was sort of surprised to hear that--but again it could take forever to progress! I had a stern talk with Audrey that she is NOT to make her entrance until September 23 or later (37 weeks).

Yesterday I had my first baby shower! It was sooooo much fun! Of course everyone spoiled Audrey rotten. We got so many amazing things for her. I truly have never felt so blessed in my life. It was also incredible to see everyone after so long apart! Jedd and I spent the evening putting all her stuff in her room and trying to organize it! One more shower next weekend with Jedd's family and then we can go out and purchase all of the remaining things we need!

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Over 34 weeks pregnant

I was officially 34 weeks pregnant yesterday!! yaaaaaay! Here are some things about Audrey's development:

  • Your baby acts completely like a newborn, with her eyes opened when awake and closed when sleeping. You may also find her settling into more of a routine for sleeping & awake times.
  • She has learned to blink. She can also see more clearly when there is a bright light on your stomach and probably has the outline of all your organs memorized!
  • Antibodies from your blood are being tranferred to her. These immunities continue to build until birth. Then breastmilk will add even more protection against disease.
  • Your baby may have already turned to a head-down position in preparation for birth. If she is your first baby, she may be settling into the pelvis with her head pressing against your cervix.
  • Fingernails have reached the end of the fingertips now. She may scratch her face even before she is born!
  • Your little one's length is 17.7 inches and weight is 4.7 pounds

I also did some fun little thing online to see what Audrey would look like--- basically by adding Jedd and I's pictures together:

Monday, September 1, 2008

Maternity Pictures are HERE!

We both have the day off today since it's Labor Day!!! It's nice to get to spend time together so much this weekend!! It is now officially September---- one month away from October---- one month until Audrey's birth month. AHHHHHHH!

We got to see our maternity photos today!!! They were taken by Kara Clouser at Little Buffalo State Park and our house. Her web address is: ( They are all still copyrighted to her. Here is a peek at a few of them:

As you can see, there are so many amazing photos!! This isn't even 1/4 of them. If you'd like to view the rest, go to: and click on Online Proofing.

Our name is: gardner082308

password: audrey