Wednesday, August 26, 2009

10 months!

My dearest Audrey turned 10 months old on August 15. It is now time for me to get in gear planning her 1st birthday party! I have decided on a ladybug theme (it was our sorority's mascot). I'm so excited to gather family and friends to celebrate the life of our miracle!

A little about Audrey at 10 months:
  • She wears 9 month clothing and some 12 month stuff now too
  • She has 3 teeth--- the two bottom middle teeth and the top right canine tooth (odd, right?)
  • She sleeps through the night from 9pm- 7:30am
  • She STILL continues to wave at absolutely everyone and if you tell her to say "hi" or "bye" she knows she should wave
  • She crawls like a bat out of hell---- and each day it only gets faster
  • She now eats every type of baby food (nothing she doesn't like either!) and she has moved to the stage 3 jars so she has some chunky food now
  • Her favorite snacks are puffs and wagon wheels and if you say "snack" she follows you to the kitchen to get her little cup.
  • She says "dada" and seems to start registering that's for Daddy. She says "gup" for up. She says "ba" for bottle. She knows "dog" for Charley. And the other day she shocked me by saying "cat" VERY clearly. The only time she says "mom" it comes out "momomomomom" and when she wants me....other than that, I have no name.
  • Her favorite activities are climbing on Daddy and Charley and pulling Charley's hair.
  • She has a huge interest in pulling herself up on anything she can and then she stands there and laughs.
  • She still has big blue eyes and strawberry-blonde hair (although it seems more blonde lately)

You can see her hair is getting out of control!!!!


Amber said...

Alright slacker. I'm sure you're busy and all but it's time to update! :)

Priscila said...

she is so cute!
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