Tuesday, April 21, 2009

6 months and BEACH!

Wow-- I'm back! Sorry it's been so long since I've updated.

Last Wednesday, April 15, we proudly celebrated Audrey's 1/2 year birthday!!! It's so hard to believe our little girl has been with us for 6 months already! We treasure every single day we've been blessed with her and we're excited to keep seeing her grow (so fast) right before our eyes.
Some things about Miss Audrey:
  • She is still in her 6 month clothes (the pants are getting too short but they're still a little big around her petite waist)
  • She rolls both ways and FAST
  • She "scoots" around... if you leave her laying on a blanket, it's no problem for her to scoot 5 feet away from it!
  • She's still sleeping through the night (9+ hours!)
  • We are in the middle of teething!! They're getting closer by the day but no teeth have broken through
  • She can push up with her hands and lift her chest
  • She can sit really well with support but only for a few seconds without support (and then she topples over)
  • She grabs EVERYTHING in sight!!! And it's a tight grip when she grabs!
  • She laughs and giggles all the time (Charley is her favorite though)
  • Her hair is getting lighter and lighter and it's now starting to grow back in where it was rubbed off when she was a baby
Now, granted, Audrey was doing some of these things before she even reached 6 months, but it's amazing to see how much babies grow in that short amount of time!

The only 6 month picture we got that is semi-decent

Then Audrey realized eating the paper is much more fun

The love of our lives!

This past weekend, Jedd and I took off work on Friday and we took Audrey to Ocean City, Maryland for her first official beach trip! We had a great weekend and beautiful 75+ degree weather! It was nice to leave PA behind for a little and just relax. Charley got to come too and he loved getting in the ocean water. We're really looking forward to our week-long family vacation down there in early August!

Outlet shopping wears me out!

Bath time in the sink!

Last time we were here together Audrey was in my belly! Sorry I was squinting so bad-- it was bright!

Jedd and Charley on the beach

The Gardner family

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Amber said...

Ha ha! Love the 6 month picture. It looks like Audrey is playing Vanna and saying "Tada! I'm 6 months!" Too cute!

the beach pictures are great too! Looks like a fun trip!