Wednesday, April 29, 2009

No time for blogging!

I can't believe I let this thing go weeks in between when I update! I used to be so good about updating this nightly and now I can't even find the time!

As of Monday night, I am officially DONE grad school until June! YES!!!!! I just can't wait until I'm done FOREVER....but that will come with time. I'm only 9 credits into a 33 credit program--- gosh, that seems like sooooo far to go! I'm hoping to be done either by December 2010 or May 2011. Either way, it's not easy working full time, taking care of a newborn daughter, and going to school part time! I hate that PA makes us get these credits....makes you feel like your FIRST college degree is useless!

Nothing is really new with Miss Audrey. We're still going through the whole teething thing, but no teeth have showed up yet! The poor girl is struggling and evenings seem to be the worst. She doesn't seem to have any issues at night though because she's still sleeping soundly through the night (thank goodness).

Some pictures of my love (who by the way is 28 weeks old today!):

In her robe after bathtime

Learning to stand

Hamming it up for the camera!

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Amber said...

OMG! That last picture is so cute! What a doll!